October 2021 – Aetos DigiLog is featured in the cover story of Consultant Review’s special report which looks into the top 10 Most Promising Logistics Consultants in 2021.

Among the top 10 Most Promising Logistics Consultants, Aetos DigiLog had the privilege to interact with Consultant Review Magazine for their cover story. In it, Capt. Jatin Sharma, Co-Founder & Director of Strategy and Solution Design reveals how an integrated end-to-end logistics solution is in high demand for today and future’s needs in India.

Download Cover Story here.

There are so many players involved in logistics ranging from small exporters and importers to medium-sized and big dealers and MNCs that all seem to be heading in the same direction for consolidating process standardization and digital transformation for adaptability feeds agility. It is hard to distinguish one provider from another, but in general vendors fall into five categories, with Aetos DigiLog falling into the third:

• 1 PL/ 2 PL
• 3 PL Providers
• Full suite providers
• Software vendors

The full Consultant Review Magazine report examines solution providers that fall into different categories.