Accelerate Your Potential With Digitalisation & Analytics

Achieve 2x speed in Decision Making and Optimize Costs with Our Bespoke Analytics Solutions.

Our Advanced Analytics Solution enables you to gain Logistic Intelligence through better Visibility, Traceability, and Accountability across the value chain. A better understanding of the data allows you to foster precise decision-making and high-performance execution.


Our accessible and easy-to-use platform along with Advanced Analytics solutions enable our clients to manage the entire Supply Chain early on in their path to drive growth and expansion simultaneously.

Strategic Decision Making

Strategic decision making

High-Performance Execution

High-performance execution

Logistics Cost Reduction

Reduced per unit logistics cost

Logistics Solutions

Stronger partnerships

logistics value chain

Improved customer services

Reduced Paperwork & Communication Time

Reduced paperwork & communication time

Customized Analytics

Analyze your entire Logistics Life-cycle with AETOS Bespoke Analytics Solutions. Our robust & well-designed custom dashboards provide deeper insights to increase efficiency, reduce wastage and serve specific functional needs. Our structured & scientific data collection process through a secure data lake ensures real-time data is made available at the click of a button.


Our analytics process is built on the right and up-to-date data, forming a secure and governed environment to help our clients make impactful decisions and mitigate risks. Furthermore, our experts will assist you at every step of the way and make you familiar with the supply chain management tools Our Data & Insights team ensures that you are up to date on innovative solutions & best practices.


The SCM analytics will outline the number of applications tied to your supply chain, including procurement, inventory, order, warehouse, fulfillment, and shipping management. This will make it easier for your team to get real-time analysis of your workflow and take necessary action to improve it.

Key Takeaways

Customized data analysis to address challenges specific to your supply chain.

Delivers customized dashboards for management visibility

Apply best-in-context tools to create solutions

Plan BPR without affecting customer SLAs

The greatest impact can be realized in no time

Continuously monitor and help improve your performance

Data-Driven Business Intelligence

Our decades of operational experience enable us to give predictive inputs for prophylactic action. We configure the best-in-context KPI Framework and monitor it to capture the pulse of your logistics operations by leveraging your data. Our data-driven BI solutions help to cut down errors, improving the overall accuracy and veracity of data and relevant processes.

Key Takeaways

Supply Chain Kpi


logistic management solutions



S&OP process

Dynamic Engagement

Partner with Aetos to get dynamic engagement with unmatched support. We make sure your data never snoozes! Our domain experts configure relevant metrics to monitor your logistics performance diligently and continuously engage with the execution team to ensure end-to-end success. We, at Aetos, conduct extensive training for staff and management team to ensure they are constantly engrossed with your logistics team to analyze & improve performance!

Keeping Track of Your Value Chain Is Now Easier Than Ever!

With AETOS, you can improve your operational efficiency and production through supply chain traceability. You can easily trace products and materials from beginning to end across the supply chain. The interactive and intuitive dashboard has an inventory traceability feature that gives you real-time status and allows you to visibility over manage inventory management, and movement in a better way.  

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