Bringing Effeciency in the Supply Chain and Operation Management

We help our clients by delivering a one-stop cloud-based solution that aggregates information across the value chain to optimise resources and build efficiencies.

Holistic Digitalization through Assisted Journey

We help our clients take on the journey of complete digitalization of the logistics value chain by improving existing processes and delivering greater returns. We do the hand-holding for our clients from the beginning to the end of their journey. We work to drive disruption and differentiation in this industry by developing winning strategies and implementing innovative growth initiatives through:


AS-IS Process Mapping

We conduct a comprehensive process mapping to gain insights into your business. This enables us to identify your business’ priorities, bottlenecks & delays in the entire chain in a cost-effective manner.


Business Process Re-engineering

Solution preparation with HOLISTIC DIGITALISATION at the core. Our agile and robust solution will focus on multi-echelon inventory optimization to streamline the workflow and business processes.


Risk Identification

We conduct a detailed analysis to identify and manage any possible risks in your entire process. After evaluating your whole supply chain, our experts will help you customize solutions for inventory management and movement for a better digital supply chain management.


Interactive Session

Our interactive sessions help to capture management aspirations and record issues. The real-time analytics will help you gain better supply chain visibility, traceability, and accountability to make precise decisions.


AETOS Platform Implementation

We configure the platform, training, UAT, and go-live. Migration from Legacy Processes will be led by the AETOS team on-site, working closely with the logistics execution team. We will help until you get familiar with the system and its benefits. Our E-Procurement software has an interactive, easy-to-use UI (user interface) that lets you keep an eye on the entire supply chain and operation processes.



To maximize customer value, the supply chain needs to be highly responsive, dynamic, and interconnected to your ecosystem. AETOS Supply Chain Suite is an advanced and integrated technology that will provide you with end-to-end visibility to turn disruptions in your value chain into opportunities. We ensure that all your legacy systems and modules latch onto the platform to create a single source of truth through API.


Service and Maintenance Support

Once you are LIVE, our ITSM desk records and resolves every technical challenge within the stipulated time frame. This ensures there is no disruption within your processes.

Inventory Management

Our comprehensive Inventory Management system involves standardization of inventory movements, picking methods, and inventory location that facilitates efficient product flow which leads to increased customer satisfaction. Our intelligent workflow is designed to increase process efficiencies and makes your supply chain even more transparent, agile, and responsive. We facilitate evolving supply chain planning & processes, reduce operational silos, mitigate risk & maintain continuity of business.

Key Factors that lead to

Overall Performance Improvement

Cost Benefits

Inventory Movement

Digital solutions provide support in various areas, but they also demand an intelligent strategy and control to unfold real-time advantages. Our strategic solutions rationalize demand & supply planning for various distribution centres. AETOS inventory movement system enables our clients to manage and optimize their transportation operations by maximizing efficiency and reducing costs associated with product shipping and logistics by



Route Optimization & Consolidation: Provide the most optimal route for carriers.

Mode & Carrier Selection: Selection can be done on the basis of cost, efficiency & distance of service requirements.


Performance Management

Track & Trace: Real-time exchange of shipment information between the carrier, distributor, and customer.

Business Intelligence & Analytics: Presenting data through dashboards & reports that enable you to utilize them resourcefully leading to effective decision making.

Cash flow management: By facilitating an efficient inventory & reduced inventory levels, we eye operating cash flow improvements.

Logistics eProcurement

Our industry experts assist in identifying potentials for cost reduction and implementing measures to reduce procurement costs. With our intuitive solution, you can keep a tab on procuring logistics to improve the sourcing of raw materials. As a part of our processes, we segment & analyze the prices for all procurement goods, products & services through commodity grouping.

The procurement suite involves
Cost Benefits
Supplier Management
Systematic method for collecting & assessing supplier information.
Integrated supplier management & market intelligence enables you to use the information for risk management.
Spend monitoring across suppliers leads to improved spend visibility, which helps identify cost reduction opportunities.
Review, approval, and identification of the off-contract purchase features maximize visibility and control.
Automated workflow accelerates approvals within various departments, which allows everyone in the chain to get visibility about the status; thus, keeping the process on pace.
Automated PO creation, invoice processing, and validation lead to a significant decrease in cycle time, efforts & need for price verification; thus, making the overall process hassle-free!
Increased Productivity
Minimized Unauthorized Purchases
Reduced Auditing Costs
Supplier Database Management


All the transactions are created, checked, approved, and recorded through reports. This ensures there is complete data capture and visibility. The relevant descriptive reports are generated and made available to everyone in the hierarchy for assessment and review. These constitute not merely the data dump but also the graphically represented metrics.

Through our decades of operating experience, we know exactly what each user wants to look at to get a pulse of their operations. We have curated relevant metrics each for the Shop floor user, the plant manager, and the management, which are not just best-in-class but are also best-in-context.

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