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The manufacturing industry is experiencing a digital transformation. Manufacturers usually face challenges when it comes to logistics performance and resource utilization. Our Logistics Inventory Managementsolutions for the industrial and manufacturing verticals enable businesses to operate more effectively.

AETOS solutions for manufacturing come with built-in industry-specific functionality. We provide easy support for unique customer needs and grow your business by:


Leveraging deep, industry functionality on an expansive & secure cloud platform with configurable extensions and personalization.


Exploring new levels of agility, flexibility, and availability with team AETOS


Integrating IoT, AI/ML, and predictive analytics

transportation in logistics management

Tracking Inventory till Customer Delivery

Globalization, technology, and empowered consumers are significantly changing the way businesses manage inventory. Supply chain operators use technology to get insights and improve supply chain performance.

Spreadsheets, hand-counted stock levels, and manual order placement have primarily been replaced by advanced inventory tracking software. Our logistic inventory management system simplifies the process of ordering, storing, using, and dispatching inventory. This process includes automated end-to-end production, business management, demand forecasting, and accounting.


Key features of Inventory Management & Inventory Movement

Order management:

Customized pricing, quoting, tracking orders, and managing returns.

Logistics Digital Transformation

Transfer management:

Move product to the most valuable space.

Inventory tracking:

Locate where your inventory is across the supply chain.


Create and manage orders.

Shipping capabilities:

Automate shipping with reduced errors.

Vendor Management:

Monitor vendor performance digitally.

Reporting & analytics:

Evaluate patterns and forecast future operations.

New Age Manufacturing

Manufacturing supply chain requirements are constantly transforming, making it challenging to delight customers and operate efficiently. Robotics, low-cost manufacturing, bulging customer markets, new sales channels, and changes in trade agreements make it imperative for manufacturers to adapt their logistics value chain constantly. To grow and succeed, manufacturers need agility in manufacturing to build anywhere and sell everywhere. Simplifying complexity and ensuring more accurate responses to customers with sophisticated and intuitive technology brings manufacturers closer to the new-age manufacturing.

Global supply chain orchestration across plants, suppliers, distribution, sales channels, and customers is all that we support. With AETOS, you get a platform that allows expansion, inventory optimization, and collaboration across partners, helping businesses grow in the new markets while sourcing goods and manufacturing from anywhere.

Logo Key takeaways

Increased profits with flexible and advanced order fulfillment
Revenue growth with new sales channels
Lower supply chain inventory for finished goods and supplier components
Provide best customer service with streamlined delivery
Increase supply chain velocity with multi-party control and visibility

Industry leaders trust AETOS for

Regardless of what industry you’re in, AETOS readily provides comprehensive, flexible, and adaptable solutions that drive business results. AETOS solutions & applications are built by experts having experience in key industry verticals, with a keen understanding of the unique challenges that businesses face.

Our Capabilities

Digital Logistics Solutions

Effective space utilization and location management

Digital Logistics Solutions

Digitalization and automation of manual logistics processes

Digital Logistics Solutions

Customized analytics for multiple levels of hierarchy

Digital Logistics Solutions

Distributed order management across manufacturing plants, distribution, and supply chain partners

Digital Logistics Solutions

supplier collaboration to strengthen relationships

Digital Logistics Solutions

Automated spare parts management

Digital Logistics Solutions

Connecting manufacturing, supply depots, repair, customers, and reverse logistics control and visibility.

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