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Digital Solutions for trading and distribution, supply chain visibility, and enhanced customer engagement.

Distributors face difficulty with growing competition and supply chain disruption, making it challenging for them to deliver the products and services as per requirements.
AETOS empowers you to serve your customers in a better way, innovate, differentiate, and drive transformation. Our simplified solutions have built-in distribution functionality. We make it simple for you to offer new value-add services, elevate the customer experience, and achieve operational excellence.

 Creating Value Through Specialization, Logistics, and Customer Access

With the advanced growth and dominance of customer expectations, wholesale distribution companies are under pressure for better strategies. Traders and Distributors are needed to differentiate not only on the products but also on the service they deliver. This includes pre-packing or kitting, special delivery services, and additional customer-specific services to strengthen relationships.

AETOS Digilog provides you control and visibility for modern trading and wholesale distribution. We offer the most flexible and agile warehouse and distribution solutions.

Our solutions help you grow customer revenue and increase operational agility with visibility and control across different verticals. Ready to boost profits and expand growth? AETOS is here to assist!

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AETOS provides multiple supply chain solutions across the widest variety of customers, suppliers, and transportation partners. Our solutions cover the entire logistics value chain and focus on trading and distribution solutions to run operations seamlessly.

Meeting Distribution Needs for Smooth Operations

With AETOS cloud solutions wholesale distributors remain on the leading end of product innovation, productivity, and transparency. This is done by:


Leveraging pre-built logistics software capabilities

Deliver products and services faster with preconfigured capabilities, processes, tools, training, and analytics. Its comprehensive features enable seamless warehouse management in supply chain management to boost efficiency and productivity.


Unlock the benefits of AETOS to streamline your workflow

Differentiate your business with a range of updated and unique services. AETOS logistics and warehouse management solutions allow you to offer value-added capabilities such as kitting, binning, and labeling at the click of a button.


Managing complex distribution in the supply chain

Our solutions provide operational excellence, support, and streamline scheduling, cross-docking, and flow-through. These all collectively increase visibility and improve warehouse efficiency.


Elevating customer experiences with omnichannel sales

Distributors provide a seamless shopping experience to customers, regardless of the channel; this helps to build loyalty. Configure alerts, red flags, and stock notifications to ensure customers get what they order on time and in full.

Benefits of the AETOS platform for traders and distributors Manage inventory on the go.

Digital Logistics Solutions

Manage inventory on the go.

Digital Logistics Solutions

Logistics Intelligence about people's performance at the click of a button.

Digital Logistics Solutions

Freight Sourcing is conducted digitally ensuring transparency.

Digital Logistics Solutions

Innovate distribution without disruption and leverage capability through cloud solutions.

Digital Logistics Solutions

Leverage automation of periodical updates with zero downtime and low costs.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Winning new customers and expanding services requires the ability to react and deliver in shorter time spans. Logistics service providers have to be extremely agile, and at AETOS, we are experts at it.Transportation in logistics management plays an important role in trading and distribution; our solution gives you real-time insights so that you can improve your services.

Manage Inventory Tasks with Warehouse Mobility

With thousands of tasks listed, supervisors in warehouses need the right tools to manage the flow of inventory and tune-in labor tasks on the floor. Our Inventory management system allows supervisors to manage inventory and labor using real-time mobile dashboards and adjust discreet-level tasks through our apps.


Manage Value-Added Services, Personalization

Warehousing in supply chain management aims to maintain an uninterrupted flow of goods. AETOS platform supports sophisticated warehouse needs to help you manage value-added services for your customers without losing efficiency.

Inventory Management

Reduce Transportation Costs While Improving Service

The distribution and shipment team works hard to deliver products efficiently and at the best cost despite multiple challenges. AETOS solutions assist you in transportation planning and execution, fleet management, audit, and payment claims. We help you in incurring lower costs in the warehouse by consolidating and organizing orders before final shipment.


Improve Visibility into Transportation Operations

We assist shippers to use dedicated transportation systems and overcome limitations to gain global visibility and dynamic control. Be it yard management, appointment scheduling, or auditing and payments, our transportation procurement software and other solutions are efficient to assist you.


Plan Inbound with Outbound Shipments

Optimizing both inbound and outbound shipments together is an enduring, competitive supply chain strategy for the growth of the business. With AETOS, you get 360-degree distribution and shipment solutions!

AETOS Digilog

provides you a platform to expand and deliver services and grow existing customer relationships and flourish into new ones. AETOS delivers the most agile and flexible distribution and inventory management solutions. Coupled with affordable costing, we provide logistics services that are unmatched and deliver full end-to-end supply chain visibility, direct on your SCREEN!

How Can AETOS Help You In Reverse Supply Chain Management?

Reverse logistics means transporting goods from customers back to the manufacturers or sellers. Many businesses don’t know, but reverse logistics can cost you more and affect your customer relationship if not properly handled.

AETOS digitizes the reverse logistics in supply chain management by identifying the path for returned products that will allow you to save more and improve customer interaction. From the time the customer starts the return process, AETOS analyzes the product, return rules, and other aspects for a seamless return process.

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