What is Aetos & how can it help me?

Is Aetos Platform an ERP? Or does it compliment my ERP/ legacy systems?

Aetos Platform offers logistics activities on a platform which cover inventory management, inventory movement, logistics e-sourcing, and data analytics. We integrate seamlessly with your present ERP/TMS/WMS/Tally legacy systems to provide end-to-end supply chain visibility. The insights generated from Aetos Platform can help you do quick turnaround on bottlenecks and even prevent future problems.

What is the process of implementing your platform?

We implement in five simple steps of as-is mapping, solution design, platform configuration, user training, User Acceptance Test, and go-live.

What is the skill set required to operate your platform?

Your present ERP operators can easily use Aetos Platform. For excel/manual based process users, we run a thorough training program.

How do you provide support for your platform?

We have a 24/7 support desk based on globally accredited IT service management tool.

Is your logistics platform on-premise? Or on cloud?

We offer Aetos Platform as a software-as-a-service through web and access is done with a simple URL. We can integrate with your on-premise legacy systems.

Is my data secure on your platform?/ Is the database common for all the customers?

We create separate instance for every customer. Our data policy is GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant.

What expenditure I need to make on IT infrastructure to implement Aetos Platform?

None. Aetos Platform can be comfortably placed on your existing IT infrastructure of desktops, laptops, internet.

Are Aetos solutions only limited to manufacturing? And are all kinds of product manufacturing included?

Our solutions are for both the verticals: Manufacturing & Trading and Distribution. We understand the specific nuances involved for both verticals, and our respective domain experts carefully guide our customers achieve Logistics Maturity.

Will my Logistics Service Provider and vendors be able to log onto Aetos Platform?

Yes the access to Aetos Platform for your company account can be shared with your multiple vendors, allowing information flow throughout the value chain. Connect with our experts to guide you through the modes.

How do you drive cost reduction through your platform?

We work on critical levers that affect supply chain costs significantly. Broadly space optimization, higher throughput, manpower efficiency, freight costs and related logistics activities which can be specific to each organization. We have helped our clients increase their efficiencies by achieving a reduction of upto 15% in their current Logistics Cost.

How are Aetos Platform and Decision Analytics different?

Aetos platform gives end-to-end visibility across supply chain and solve/prevent bottlenecks. The Decision Analytics help you keep tap on the abundant data generated and provide actionable insights to improve facility, labor and equipment productivity, increase safety; boost throughput and inventory accuracy; and prolong the life of key processing and material handling equipment.

What is the implementation time? What is the ROI/ payback period like?

Around 5 weeks is required to fully implement Aetos Platform solution and for the entire Digitalization benefits with Decision Analytics takes a total of 7-8 weeks. Our experts help you to achieve ~5x ROI in around 1.5 years.

Will we get real-time inventory data?

Yes, real-time inventory management and immediate alerts on declining stock levels, regardless of the sales channel are provided through notifications.

Can’t I just use my ERP for my transportation needs?

Mostly ERPs are a form of general ledger to record and store information to and from network partners – suppliers, warehouses, and carriers. Aetos’s Inventory Movement solution breaks the silos and makes the data smarter by processing, analysing, or optimizing the data recorded. You get real-time visibility into flows, receive alerts to track and trace orders and quickly resolve exceptions as they occur throughout your logistics value chain.

Can Aetos Platform help me reduce transportation costs?

Yes. If freight is crucial then freight cost reduction is crucial for your company. With constant increases due to fuel and machinery hikes, you face budgetary pressures. But transportation costs can be optimized by improving supply chain procedures such as revising smarter shipping networks, providing better processes, improving relationships between suppliers and third parties, transparent procurement through e-sourcing provided by Aetos Platform.