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Digital Transformation

As everything is going online, logistics industries are also incorporating digital platforms into their operations to empower their businesses. Digitization not only brings efficiency but also helps enterprises, especially SMEs and MSMEs, to expand their reach. Logistics digital transformation can reduce some significant inefficiencies in the logistics industry; for instance, 50% of trucks travel empty on their return journey after making a delivery, which can load on your wallet without giving your profitable outcome.

AETOS brings you the powerful, agile, intuitive, and customized supply chain management (SCM) solution to help you in supply chain resilience. With it, you have the capability to resist or even avoid the impact of a supply chain disruption and quickly resolve it.

Business Process Digitalization & Automation

Business process automation (BPA) is a critical evolution for longstanding business process management (BPM). Automating your monotonous and tedious tasks can help businesses like you cut the energy consumption, emission, and extra cost. With SCM digital transformation, you can make your business growth-focused and customer-centric, as well as responsive to stand high on your customer demands.

AETOS will revolutionize your supply chain management to make it ready for future demands. Our solution provides a customized dashboard with relevant metrics to help you monitor your logistics performance diligently, letting you take the necessary steps to improve it. It will automate some of your regular tasks and makes it easier for you to manage your logistics performance in real-time from a single interface. Our key approach is to cover the supply chain spectrum holistically.

Our Services are –
1. Relevant: Client-centric, offers customized solutions, best in-context solutions.
2. Resilient: Protecting customers & partners from disruption in demand/supply.
3. Responsible: Our solutions are considerate for the stakeholders, internal and external.

Our solution provides end-to-end assistance, from logistic process mapping to solution design, implementation, and integration. 

What can AETOS do for you?

Customized And Personalized Solution To Fit Your Requirements

Our experts will analyze your logistics process and talk to your team to know your exact requirements. Afterward, our team will customize our solution for your warehouse and supply chain digitization that can reduce transition time and ensure transactions seamlessly. It will optimize your workflow and improve your relationships with customers, vendors, and other stakeholders, resulting in better user experiences.

Digital Integration

Supply chain and warehouse digitization provide you with significantly more visibility and control into the workings of the chain. We at AETOS integrate and apply advanced and robust digital technologies into the supply chain process, from procurement data and inventory management to transportation and distribution. Our team knows how logistics processes work and go through several digital supply chain examples related to your industry to provide you with the best solution that gives your insights to facilitate greater profits. With us, you can better allocate resources, people, assets, and inventory to where they need the most by responding proactively.

AETOS is a one-stop cloud-based solution that aggregates across the supply chain, helping you to improve your workflow. You can create, check, and approve records through reports. These reports can be assessed and reviewed by anyone in the hierarchy. One of the most significant advantages of AETOS is it can adapt to your existing business process and break down silos between the systems.

How AETOS “Single source of Truth” works for your Business:

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Digital Integration